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"One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life; that word is love."
- Sophocles

Scott Piller and Kristy Chenier
December 9, 2003

  Our Story
Kristy says:
On May, 6 2002 I started 3rd shift at a local factory. When I got to work I was greeted by my new boss, Scott. He seemed like a great boss, very nice, and cute too.
We talked a little every night and soon it turned to flirting. We became very good friends. I started to enjoy going to work just to see him. I knew that he was my boss and that it would never work. But, he took it upon himself to sign off his job and ask me out. Of course I said yes, and since then I never looked back. Though we had many obstacles we are finally together forever.

Scott says:
At the age of 35 I truly believed life was more or less over. I was almost over the hill and I was going to be alone forever. Who would want an old guy who fishes, hunts, and traps too much. Then I met Kristy. I thought she seemed nice and was happy to have her working for me. I was working 3rd shift as a group leader and Kristy was a new hire. Kristy was a very hard worker and was very easy on the eyes too. Day after day we would go out on break together. It didn't take long and we became good friends. The only problem was that I seemed to be thinking about her even when not at work. I knew the work rules and you could not date someone under your supervision.
After time the money started to mean less and less and Kristy meant more and more. Finally I knew what I had to do. I went to my boss and signed off my job and went back out on the floor as a regular worker. That night I got up enough nerve to ask Kristy out to breakfast. I knew how I felt and found that she felt the same way. I liked my job but I liked Kristy to much not to give up the money and take a gamble on true love. The gamble was worth it, I finally found my one and only. We still work together on 3rd shift. She is an abrasive planer operator and I am her fork lift driver. We still take our breaks together, and now we drive to and from work together, so we never have to watch the other one leave wishing we were together. I guess I was wrong, life isn't over at 35, for me it was just begining.


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