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 "To love another person is to see the face of God."
- Victor Hugo

Rikkele Saefkow and Ben Kazim
July 5, 2003


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From: Nadia Relative of Groom
11/23/2010 5:21:36 PM CST
This is the first time I am seeing this website. It is too bad that Tariq, Fareeza and I could not share this special day with you, but here you are 7 years strong :)

From: rockydOther
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From: MikeFriend of Groom's Family
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7/24/2005 8:31:16 AM CST
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7/17/2005 3:55:59 PM CST
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From: Allan SvenssonRelative of Groom
11/18/2004 5:29:27 AM CST
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From: JacquieRelative of Bride
7/7/2003 2:45:18 AM CST
What a beautiful wedding! You will have many wonderful memories of your special day. Thanks for sharing it with us.

From: Aunt Fatima Uncle SulayRelative of Groom
7/4/2003 12:51:58 PM CST
Dearest Ben and Rikkele,Wishing you all the best and happiness that life has to offer. Wish we could be there, enjoy your new life together.Love, Aunty Jo, Uncle Sulay, Alana and Andrew

From: Aliya, James AlyshaRelative of Groom
7/2/2003 12:01:23 PM CST
Hey Guys-Love the site! Sorry we can't make it, but can't wait to welcome Rikkele to the fam! Wishing you best that life has to offer!the NY Crew

From: Natasha and John MageeRelative of Groom
7/1/2003 10:43:12 PM CST
Dearest Ben and Rikkele, John and I are so sorry that we cannot make it out to N.M. to share in your joyous day. We wish you the best and please know that we will be thinking of you on July 5th! Have a wonderful wedding and remember to enjoy yourselves!!! Love always, John and Natasha

From: Uncle Errol Aunt HessanRelative of Groom
6/19/2003 9:13:36 PM CST
The greatness of love is that which flows warmly into the heart of others . All of love and best wishes to you always

From: Balraj BoysRelative of Groom
6/13/2003 8:33:43 PM CST
Congrats cousin Benjiall the best on your special day. Karim & Aleem,

From: shami kazimRelative of Groom
6/13/2003 8:29:13 PM CST
Congrats on your special day Ben & Rikkele. From Auntie Shami Uncle Steve Karim & Aleem, Ottawa, Canada

From: Celina EspinozaRelative of Bride
6/4/2003 1:10:42 PM CST
Rikelle & Ben,Thanks for the e-mail and acknowledging Idana's graduation. We'll be there on the 5th. Idana will be in Mexico. The other 3 will be there. Your website is awesome. I had a time getting in because I had Ben's name all wrong. I was typing in a B for the first name of the groom. Things are busy here: Basketball, golf,horses, mosquitos,tournaments; all the pleasures of life. Take care and God bless both of you. Celina, Yanira, Idana, Rese & Ramon

From: Ricardo F. EspinozaRelative of Bride
3/17/2003 11:58:20 AM CST
Howdy, just checkin in, will see about a room, hope all is well , lloks like we will be getting some weather here, bunches of snow up north, hope we get some too

From: Michael Celina Espinoza FamilyRelative of Bride
3/6/2003 6:47:39 PM CST

From: Pamela Nathaniel YoungFriend of Bride Groom
2/3/2003 1:14:50 PM CST
Great Website!!!

From: Sherbi SeerattanRelative of Groom
1/21/2003 10:30:16 AM CST
Good Luck and God Bless you all with continuous years of happiness together. 'The Lord is My Light and My salvation' Pslam 27From Brian,Sherbi,Sheron/Waltand Shelly we shall all be at your wedding.We can't wait

From: Hafeez and Yvonne KazimRelative of Groom
1/14/2003 8:52:57 PM CST
Congratulations to you both and Best Wishes for Good Health, Wealth and Happiness as you begin your lives together as one.Love always,Dad and Aunt Yvonne:)

From: Amanda RendonRelative of Bride
9/8/2002 11:43:19 AM CST
This is a super idea and fun to browse through. You put alot of time and effort into this.I am looking foreward to the day of your committement to each other. Congratulations to you both.

From: TaheyaBridesmaid
9/4/2002 5:50:20 PM CST
Congratulations to both of you!! I am very excited and can't wait to see New Mexico! The website looks fantastic! You did a great job. See you soon :)

From: Jacquie MedinaRelative of Bride
9/2/2002 9:39:24 PM CST
I think you got that one picture wrong - the bride's mother and favorite niece! That's the wrong niece!! Looks like you're having fun getting ready for the big day, though it's long distance planning. We're looking forward to being a part of your special day.

From: Vicki PowersRelative of Bride
9/1/2002 9:52:48 PM CST
Enjoyed perusing your wedding website. All this mushy love stuff gets me giddy. The photo albums are fun (my favorite pic was 'brides mom and her favorite niece'). If you two would ever like a break from your life, I'd be happy to step in...looks like a good time to me. Can't wait for the big day! Love to you both.

From: mario kara madrugaFriend of Bride Groom
8/23/2002 8:59:06 PM CST
here's to good friends, tonight is kind of special, the beer will flow, you must say something more some how, let it be lowenbrau

From: Shaira AyerRelative of Groom
8/23/2002 6:44:04 PM CST
Congratulations to you both. We hope to be with you for this joyous occasion.Take care,LoveAuntie Shaira.XOXOXO

From: Ermalinda SaefkowRelative of Bride
8/13/2002 1:04:10 AM CST
He who cherishes a beautiful vision, a lofty ideal in his heart, will one day realize it.

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Rikkele and Ben
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