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  Bishop Thomas and Lady Angela Baltimore
October 19, 2003

Our Story
Lady Angela says:
How I Met My Husband

It was the Holiday Season and we had just celebrated the arrival of the New Year (2002).  Our church’s New Year’s Revival was scheduled to Begin on Wednesday, January 3 and go through Friday, January 5, 2002.  There was this preacher named Dr. Thomas (Bishop) that was in town from Texas to run the revival.  On Wednesday night, I, as everyone else in the church, stood in honor as our Chief Apostle, guest minister, and others walked in.  I had heard many things about our guest minister, so I quickly sized him up as he took his seat.  He was sitting almost directly across the church from me, so we had direct view of one another.  I felt that his attention was my way many times during the service.  And, when I looked his way, he was looking mine.  It was hard to tell if his eyes were directly looking at me because he had on specs.  However, the only other interesting thing on that side of the church was the drums.  And, unless he was thinking of jumping over there and doing a drum solo, I am almost sure he was looking at me.  But, I was sick that night and I didn’t really have the energy to pay that much attention.  At the close of that evening, Bishop gave away free tapes of his preaching.  He called me out and gave me a tape titled “A Good Woman in a Bad Situation.”  I never got to hear what the message was about because the tape was blank.

Thursday evening, when I walked into the church, my sister Shelly was in the hallway and said she had something to tell me.  She proceeded to say that Bishop had asked Dad about me.  I then saw my Dad who told me the whole story.  He said Bishop asked him in the office if I was married.  He also told him I was beautiful.  He then jokingly said to him that he was buying a house, had a sacrifice to give him, and something else (I can’t remember) so to have his daughter.  During the service, one of the groups I sing with sang a selection.  As we walked up, the preacher also walked up to his seat.  He watched us as we got into our positions.  When I made eye contact with him, he said a very sultry “hi” to me, gave me “that look” with his eyes, and then gave me the cutest smile.  I responded with “God bless you preacher” (which I am sure he doesn’t remember) After service, refreshments were being sold in the fellowship hall.  Marcus wanted some food so I waited for him in the hallway.  The phone rang in the office and I answered it.  Afterward, I waited in the hallway for Marcus.  My Dad came out of his office and was sitting in the reception office.  He asked me to come in to meet the preacher.  He also asked where my other sisters were so they could say “hi.”  My Dad knocked on the door and opened it.  Bishop and Sister Janyne were sitting in the office.  Dr. Thomas had his back to the door, so he didn’t see me right away.  My Dad told him he had someone he wanted him to meet.  When the preacher turned around and Senior Bishop said, “this is Angie,” Bishop T. looked at me.  I shook his hand and said, “I think I am the only sister that you haven’t met yet.”  Bishop was speechless.  He started stuttering as he tried to say something.  He looked at me, looked at Dad and then looked at me again.  I gave him a hug and all he could say laughingly was “Bishop?”  My sisters then spoke to him and I left.

Friday evening, the preacher really preached a good, hard message.  There was a prayer line that night.  I will never forget the words he told me…”the Lord said to forget what has happened in your past, that’s over now.  He is preparing you to take you into your destiny!”  Service ended on a high note and after benediction, the singers and musicians were still in the sanctuary singing songs and praising God.  When it was time to go, I left to go to my car.  As I was on my way, Shelly came out to tell me, “if you don’t go in and say goodbye to the preacher, he’s going to have a fit…he’s asking about you!”  I got my blank tape out of the car to give back to him and went back into the church.  When I got into the hallway, he was there by the CD/tape table greeting people.  He instantly spotted me and finished up with whom he was talking to.  I told him that my tape was blank (I didn’t know what else to say and he was giving me “that look” with his eyes).  He apologized and told me they would send me another.  He also said he had something for me and gave me one of his CD’s.  I told him how much I enjoyed him and we spoke briefly about a bunch of nothing.  He then turned on the shy switch…he started looking at the floor and said he wanted to ask me something, but that was ok.  I told him to go ahead and ask.  He asked if he could have my number to call me.  I said, “sure.”  I tried to play it off and walked away to write it down for him.  I came back and slipped it to him.  I also introduced him to Marcus.  We spoke for a few more minutes and then I left.

He called me the next day (Saturday).  We didn’t get to talk until Sunday.  I knew then that I would love him for the rest of my life.

Bishop says:
How I Met My Wife


It was the Holiday Season, me and staff had just arrived in Baltimore Maryland to aide in the celebration of the New Year revival of Bishop Baltimore’s Ministry Holy Temple Cathedral. The Date was January 2 2002 and we had just begun the first of a four city tour that would have us on the road for 18 days.  We were scheduled to Begin on Wednesday, January 3 and go through Friday, January 5, 2002.  I was looking forward to this opportunity because I had just become a part of the Kings Apostle World Church Ministries Fellowship and I desperately wanted to please my Bishop.  I had remembered Bishop stating in a previous visit, that he had a daughter that I had not met named Angela. He said and I quote “You would like Angela”. On Wednesday night, as I entered the sanctuary accompanied by my Armor bearer Elder Scott, I remember hearing a melodious sound coming from the choir stand, the music ministry of Holy Temple sang with conviction and power.  I recall as I arose from my knees praying, I turned to take my seat and  I began to pay close attention to the ones that were up there, having heard our Bishop speak so many times about his girls I admit that I was curious to know which one was the one that I had not yet become acquainted with.  Within seconds of gazing at the almost 40 voices that were up there I noticed one that possessed the grace and the elegance of a Bishops daughter. I leaned and I asked Bishop Baltimore, Is that Angie?  He replied That’s Angie with a glowing smirk on his face.  Minutes later as I was zeroing in on that moment which every preacher feels that he was born for when I felt a tap on my shoulder, my son in the ministry Elder Scott said Dad, that Lady keeps staring at you for some reason. As I looked to see who he was referring to it happened, a connection that I would remember felt like an eternity but only lasted a second and later I would come to know why.  Our eyes connected in a almost God ordered way and I know at that moment I would come to Love this women for the rest of my life.  That night however, that is all I remember because moments later I was caught up in the glory of God searching for a way to be a blessing to the people

The following evening, I don’t remember much by way of eye contact, but I do remember when I had finished preaching I was recuperating in the Bishops office when I heard  the door behind me open and I heard Bishop say this is Angie and I turned around and I must admit that I was speechless for a minute because she looked at me with seducing eyes [smile] and I remember looking at Bishop saying “Bishop” Later I would come to discover that I was the victim of a relational set up.  Yes readers there was a conspiracy going on and I had been injected by the cupid syndrome and everyone was in on it.  The next day would change the course of my life forever.

Church was over and we had experienced and explosive move of God, so much so that people were still in the sanctuary praising God long after the benediction. There I was at the media table shaking hands when phase 1 of the set up begin she sent in her sister whom I adore dearly Shelly, she Is a warm and loving human being as kind of a person as one would imagine. To me she approaches with a subtle approach not aggressive but setting the stage just enough for me to be submitted by the tactics of inquisition. She was a jujitsu specialist when it comes to setting up Love so she said just enough to get me to ask the question where is your sister at?  People,  with a smile that would light up the skyline of New York she said, “She’s around here somewhere hold on Ill go get her. That was it, I was had! It was Lady’s custom in the past to leave immediately after church was over but this night she was on the hunt she had love on her mind, so reminiscent of a Tiger on the prowl she swayed into the corridor where I was, with one thing on her mind PREY not pray!  I think we all gather by now who that was. So there I stood helpless and listless like a weak lamb at the mercy of a predator limp and I could not move so I succumb to the pressure she at least was graceful enough to camouflage her attack with pretending as if though my staff had given her some defective merchandise and then she went for the jugular “Here is my number call me when you get home and ladies and gentlemen the rest is HIS – STORY!    


Bishop and Lady Angela
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