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"Not all of us have to possess earthshaking talent. Just common sense and love will do."
- Myrtle Auvil

Greg Housel and April Housel (was Fredman)
October 5, 2002

Our Wedding Party


(Cousin of the Groom)

Kurt and I have been the best of friends all of our life.  Inevitably, he and I would find trouble everywhere we went. I remember playing a game w/Kurt when we went camping when I was 12.  The object of the game was for Kurt to shoot bottle rockets at me as I ran through the woods. We played and played until he accidentally blew a hole in my new sweater…Opps!  

Later that day, we cooked a meal over the open fire.  While Kurt went to get some water I hid the rest of the fireworks in the pile of wood that we were cooking over.  Needless to say, he came back, lit the fire, and kneeled over to cook the soup. Then, in about two minutes I heard a loud bang and turned to see Kurt's face covered in black soot (I could have sworn I told him about my hiding place!!!).  

Let’s see what else have we done? Oh yeah, in high school, we took Uncle Dick's truck to go fishing (ok, so maybe forgot to ask) and ran out of gas 15 miles from nowhere. We once had to spend the night in the same bed to keep from getting arrested (Don't ask, don't tell!!!). And, Kurt even skinny-dipped in the Tuscarawas River when he got bored from not catching any fish.  

Even in college things didn't settle down much.  I remember taking turns jumping over a burning couch in his apartment (we had set it on fire on purpose).  Or the time when he slept on a 3x4 couch in my living room after a night of playing innocent board games.  Would you believe that we even got up the next morning too tired to let off a big bucket of fireworks?  Well, we sat and stared, sat and stared, sat and stared then decided to let the fireworks off inside of the house.  Then, when we were finished, we got the hose, that’s right, a garden hose, and cleaned up the inside of the house.  

I have so many memories of doing crazy things with Kurt. Including the time when we fought over a girl. Now, I want to thank him for that!  If we wouldn’t have fought (and he wouldn't have won) I might have stayed in Columbus and never moved to Kansas City.  I might have never met my wonderful bride to be.  So ultimately, all things worked out in the end.  I have a great cousin who I think the world of and the only thing that would make him better is if he got his big fat %& down to Florida to visit me!!!


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