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"The sweetest joy, the wildest woe is love."
- Pearl Bailey

Greg Housel and April Housel (was Fredman)
October 5, 2002

Our Wedding Party

  `The Girls`

(Both Cousins as well as Friends of the Bride)

To most of you reading this site you know them as Sabra, Miranda, and Talia but to me, they will always be “The Girls.” Although raised as cousins I have always viewed them as my sisters.

From Sunday dinners and family vacations to “creatively” dying 6, 7, 8 dozen eggs at Easter (well as many as we could convince the parents to buy) to trick-or-treating and the inevitable candy swap to becoming “even more’” beautiful in the upstairs bathroom before the big Paw Paw dance, these “girls” have been a part of my happiest memories.

But don’t let my reference to them as “the girls” fool you. I have such a close and different relationship with each of “the girls.” For instance, Sabe and I can tell you loads of stories on how to bundle up when riding in a Ford Pinto w/no heat in the middle of the winter. Whereas Miran and I can give you some really great tips on living right in the heart of Morgantown. And of course, if you ever need a wedding cake made well, T and I can come up with some pretty creative designs for you. Honestly though, I love each and every one of “the girls” and treasure the memories that I have of them both as a group and individually.

However, the happiest memory of all is thinking about how the four of us would sit around together and dream about the day that we would walk down the aisle to marry the man of our dreams. We had always talked about how we would stand behind one another in each of our marriages to our dream man. Well for me, that day has finally arrived and as I have had the pleasure of standing behind each of “the girls” in their respective weddings I am ecstatic that they will now be their standing behind me as I marry the man of my dreams.

Thankfully though, our dreams do not end here. Instead, we begin the next stage of our life and dream about how our children (and future children) will create that same strong family bond that we still have today.

So girls, I love you and I am so glad that you can be there behind me when I marry Greg!


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