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"Wicked men obey from fear; good men, from love."
- Aristotle

Greg Housel and April Housel (was Fredman)
October 5, 2002

Our Wedding Party


(Friend of the Bride)

Michelle and I are kindred spirits. We clicked the instant that we met one another in Dr. Bone’s Consumer Research class at West Virginia University (Go ‘Eers). Let me explain. We had an opening exercise where we were tasked to identify 10-items that we would take from our sinking cruise ship to our lifeboat. Although we didn’t get one answer in the correct order our list of answers were identical (who knew that taking a mirror on the lifeboat was the first thing that you should do).

From that point on, Michelle and I were inseparable. We spent most evenings and nights together studying or working on class projects but somehow, we always had fun. Some of our crazy exploits include running down High St. to get that project bound at Kinko’s five minutes before it was due and debating whether or not to sleep that last 45 minutes before the final began and opting to watch Cinderella instead. But, one story we always talk about is how we met “the guys” for dinner during finals week and convinced them that we would just meet them out later because we just HAD TO go to the gym. Well, in all honesty, we did work out but it just wasn’t at the gym. It was at the mall. We “ran” around the mall shopping for party clothes and then "hit" the tanning bed before meeting them out!  

Michelle, thank you for such terrific memories and thank you so much for being a part of our wedding. I know how often we dreamed about this day when we lived in Morgantown and I am ecstatic that you will be there, standing with me, when I become Greg’s wife.


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