Build Your Site

This is where you will enter all of the information in for your add-ons, such as your ceremony and reception date and times, or your bridal party biographies. To enter this information you must click on each of the add-ons individually under 'Build Your Site' in the left frame. You will then enter and save your information just like you did for the General Information section. As you complete each add-on a checkmark will appear in the checkbox next to that add-on. You can, of course, change or update the information in your add-ons at any time.

Congratulations! Your website is complete! You can view it on the web at the URL (web address) that you chose in the General Information section. It will be If you can't remember what you chose, just click on 'General' in the left frame and hit 'Next' until you reach the proper screen. If you have any other questions or concerns you can reach us by clicking on 'Contact Us' or sending an e-mail to . Thank you, congratulations, and good luck!
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