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Aaron Walker and Kim Barton
April 27, 2002


We have started the registering.  Boy, this harder than we thought!

Just another note, in addition to the stores below, we are also registered at Pottery Barn at http://www.potterybarn.com and Pier 1 at http://www.pier1.com
1st Bedroom ColorsRed, Cream, Gold, Black
1st Bathroom ColorsRed, Brown, Gold, Black, Cream
2nd Bedroom ColorsBlue, Chambre, White, Lavender
2nd Bathroom ColorsBrown, Black, Tan
Kitchen ColorsWhite
Living Room ColorsBrown, Black, Green, Red (Asian Designs)
Dining Room ColorsRed, Black, Brown, Gold (Asian Designs)
Casual living room-Southwest design, desert colors preferred.
In addition to Macy's, this register also works for the following stores: Burdines, Lazarus, Macy's East, Macy's West, Rich's, Stern's, TheBonmarche

Dillard's does not carry our everyday tableware patterns, nor our fine flatware. Please see Macy's for those items.


Crate and Barrell

Please send to
10008 Peseo Cresta Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89117

Aaron and Kim

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