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Holly Luopa and Aric LeClair
October 11, 2003


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From: JessicaFriend of Bride
8/5/2012 9:54:14 AM CST
Hello there! This message is for Laura and Marc. Just wtnniag to send all my love and best wishes with everything, we are missing you tones and tones, and can't wait to see you again. We are proud of all the hard work you have been doing love you loads,your dear sisi , Emma, muchos besitos Dear Kay, I hope everything is well there, wishing you all the best please if possible could you upload more pictures, we would really like to see the orphans with the volunteers,God BlessEmma ( Laura's sister)

From: ken howeNot Indicated
7/30/2008 10:37:58 PM CST

From: KristalNot Indicated
6/9/2007 7:51:30 PM CST
Hey Holly, I'm not sure how often you check this...but I googled you and came across this page! Congratulations on your wedding and new son:) If you get a chance send me an e-mail. I'd love to hear from you! Take care!

From: Frank PhilbrickFriend of Groom
1/14/2007 9:48:19 PM CST
Aric,been too long, pal. Congratulations on your lovely wife and son. Just sitting here in Brooklyn checking up on guys we played with for the book I'm writing. I have some people interested and am pushing to get the thing done before opening day. I see you were with the Pride last. Still with them? Drop me a line, and next time I'm doing a reading in NH (the book that is already out) I'll let you know. -Frank

From: Sue GullottaFriend of Bride
5/22/2006 2:27:41 PM CST
Congratulations! I just got your birth announcement! I have moved to NY and don't know your current address. Email me!! Sue

From: dfgdgfdsfFriend of Bride
4/17/2006 3:50:30 PM CST

From: David AndersonFriend of Groom
1/28/2006 8:40:58 PM CST
Hey Aric, I was curious as to if you were still playing baseball, and I found this page. Congratulations on the new baby. You've come a long way since Crowder. All your hard work is paying off. I was married on 5/25/02 and we are in the Peace Corps in Honduras. Drop me an email if you get some free time. I'd love to catch up.David Anderson

From: Marc ArnowitzFriend of Groom
5/16/2005 9:53:15 PM CST
Do you guys still look at this. It Marc from Organized Living. Call me 480-628-7548

From: William MerrillRelative of Groom
5/14/2005 8:35:06 AM CST

From: Dave Gail DunningFriend of Bride Groom
1/12/2004 7:50:41 PM CST
congratulations and all the best.

From: Bob Marty HuckinsRelative of Groom
9/30/2003 11:06:13 PM CST
Congratulations! See you the 11th Bob & Marty

From: Kathryn WittRelative of Bride
9/19/2003 10:56:53 AM CST
Congratulations! Wishing you the best always.

From: Phillip LuopaRelative of Bride
9/19/2003 9:51:15 AM CST
Wish you both the very best and I know you are excited.

From: JoannaFriend of Bride Groom
9/13/2003 10:21:44 AM CST
Hi Holly and Aric, Just want to wish you both the best...Think of you often....will continue to hope for good things to come to you both!!! (Chris Begg's host mom)

From: Edward MerrillRelative of Groom
9/7/2003 6:39:30 PM CST
Congrats You Guys!My girlfriend and i will see you on the BIG DAY

From: Micahel and Patricia LuopaRelative of Bride
9/6/2003 5:45:38 PM CST
we can't wait! Your cousins send their love and best wishes.Aunt Pat

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Holly and Aric

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