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"Love must be as much a light, as it is a flame."
- Henry David Thoreau

Dave Johnson and Alyson Gantar
August 16, 2003


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From: MomNot Indicated
12/9/2003 8:43:44 PM CST
Great pictures! I guess you finally got some from OK!!

From: Kelby, Sherry MeKaylaFriend of Bride
11/2/2003 11:32:09 PM CST
Congrats to you both! May God continue to Bless and Keep you.

From: Michelle GalinisFriend of Bride
8/30/2003 7:56:07 PM CST
Congratulations! I wish you guys the best!

From: Amy CollinsFriend of Bride
8/20/2003 9:58:29 PM CST
you two look so cute! we miss you Alyson!

From: Shandol SwalleyFriend of Bride Groom
7/12/2003 12:04:22 PM CST
Congrats you two! I am very excited for the both of you!

From: Katie and MarcRelative of Bride
7/2/2003 10:14:38 PM CST
Alyson and Dave,We can't wait for the big day! Thank you for letting us both be a part of your special day! Cheers (from Marc)

From: Lindsay VanceFriend of Bride
6/30/2003 1:26:56 PM CST
Congrats, i can't wait to see you guys on the big day!!!! I'm so excited for you.

From: leslie pulliamFriend of Bride
6/28/2003 10:00:04 PM CST
hey, just thought i would check this out, i received my invitation this week.

From: Melissa DayFriend of Bride
6/26/2003 7:36:04 PM CST
I want to wish you two the best. I am sorry I can not be there for the wedding.

From: Gail GurtowskiFriend of Bride
6/26/2003 9:54:13 AM CST
I want to wish you both the very best - love and happiness always. Can't wait to see you.

From: Jessica GurtowskiFriend of Bride
6/26/2003 8:40:21 AM CST
Can't wait to see you! I promise to bring some Florida sunshine with me :)

From: Jerry GantarRelative of Bride
6/10/2003 3:51:49 PM CST
Hi Alyson and David,It's been a few months since I visited this web site. Please say hello to my cousin Mike Gantar. Best wishes from my wife Beverley, our three children, and our nine grandchildren.

From: MelissaBridesmaid
6/4/2003 2:31:37 AM CST
WELCOME HOME DAVE!!!! I haven't gotten a chance to talk to you yet, but it is such a blessing to just know that you are back home again:) According to the website only 73 days--WOW! I can't believe the day is finally going to be here! I can't wait to see BOTH of you over the 4th of July...EXCITEMENT! :)

From: LisaBridesmaid
5/1/2003 11:44:55 AM CST
Yes, I'm the loser that took forever to sign your Guestbook =) I can't wait til the big day! There is going to be some serious rockstar celebrating a head of us! =) Luv U!

From: Laura StoneFriend of Bride
3/16/2003 8:23:59 PM CST
Congratulations!I wish you both nothing but happiness.

From: Ed SekelFriend of Bride Groom
3/14/2003 12:12:14 PM CST
This web page is awesome ... Wish I had faster internet for the quiz. You guys rock! - Ed

From: Colleen Marie SandersNot Indicated
3/5/2003 6:12:55 PM CST

From: KirstenRelative of Groom
2/25/2003 9:33:08 PM CST
alyson and dave, this webpage is wonderful! what a great idea to keep family and friends connected across so much distance! it was really great to get to read your 'how we met' stories (although i would give him a good slug in the gut for that playing-in-traffic comment, alyson :) ), and i feel like i've learned more about you two than i knew before from the photo album! thanks for sharing this. will and i are looking forward to the special day. :)love,kirsten

From: Kristin McConnellFriend of Bride
2/23/2003 9:23:27 PM CST
I've never seen a website for a wedding! It's a really good idea. Can't wait to see you on the big day!

From: Uncle Mike and Aunt CharRelative of Bride
1/20/2003 1:39:37 PM CST
(We took a little liberty with the relationship question, but there wasn't a place for 'honorary relative'.) Your website is beautiful - filled with love, friendship and good times - an excellent indication that your lives together will be the same!

From: CandyFriend of Bride Groom
10/30/2002 11:54:43 PM CST
Well, first congrats on the engagement. I don't think I ever got to personally tell you...only through Bryan. Awesome website and can't wait to see you two this coming summer!

From: Jennifer MalchowFriend of Bride
9/25/2002 6:29:09 PM CST
Hey ya'll! Time is ticking! It won't be long now! I miss you bunches and can't wait to hear how the plans are coming. I love your web site! You make a beautiful couple. Take care! Love ya, Jen

From: NikiFriend of Bride Groom
6/30/2002 12:31:56 PM CST
Love it! You guys make me giggle and I did WAY better on the quiz this time! Love your pics! You guys are such a cute couple! (I'm sure you love hearing that!) Miss ya and love ya!Niki

From: MelissaBridesmaid
6/25/2002 6:02:14 PM CST
HI ALYSON AND STUEY! I didn't even know this website existed--how cool!:) You two are such dorks...hehehehe! I can't wait to see you guys again...you always make me smile:) LOVE YA!

From: NikiFriend of Bride Groom
2/18/2002 9:09:04 PM CST
Okay I stink! I took your quiz again and only got two right! That just proves it has been too long since I have seen you guys! Hope to remedy that soon and I love the site!Love ya!

From: ShannonBridesmaid
2/16/2002 3:33:48 PM CST
I am very excited that you invited me to be a part of this very special time in your lives. I can't wait to help kick off your new life together. I love both of you!

From: Alice GantarRelative of Bride
2/6/2002 11:19:54 PM CST
Pretty neat website. I can't wait to start planning with you!! Love, Mom

From: JulieMaid of Honor
1/29/2002 5:06:43 PM CST
Only 548 days left til the big shin-dig and I have nothing to wear.....What's a girl to do? I enjoyed the website but should really be working....oh well. Can't wait to start planning. Love ya.

From: Barb SteuryFriend of Bride Groom
1/29/2002 12:30:26 AM CST
Aaaagh! I HAVE to get better at that quiz!!!! Love your layout and I can't wait to see David's story!!! ;-) You two are awesome. Love, Barbie Steury

From: NikiFriend of Bride Groom
1/24/2002 12:34:47 AM CST
Hey! Am I allowed to write on here yet? Such a great site - very funny - but I can't believe I missed one on that darn quiz!!! I'm getting senile in my old age! I can't wait to see more additions and to see you two again! :-) Love ya! Nik

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Dave and Alyson
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